Our mission is to provide product development and engineering services for professional clients on a modern level. We are the ideal partner for companies looking to take their business to the next level by launching optimally produced and profitable products.


As practical experts in the field, we provide flexible product development services tailored to your business.

We synergize our know-how with your business competence. If and when required, we will manage the entire product development process from the idea phase to the final product.


We provide product designing (3D CAD) and calculation services (structural analysis, cost estimations etc) and we can help you find a partner for various processes such as:

  • Aluminium extrusion, die-casting
  • Plastics injection moulding, extrusion, vacuum forming
  • Sheet metal processing.


We can help with the thought process and provide support for testing product ideas. 

We can also design a layout and find suitable methods for prototyping both individual details and intricate assemblies comprising various components and materials. 

You can rely on us for product optimization and pricing, and finding suppliers.

Need help with creating a new product or would like to make your existing product better? Get in touch now and let's make a good idea into an even better product!

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