Resultioneering - engineering focused on solutions rather than problems, bringing you the results.

Founded in 2017, Raab OÜ is a product development and engineering firm with experience in a wide range of industries. Our mechanical engineers have extensive experience developing physical products ranging from simple consumables to complex highly technical components and products.

We offer a smooth product development process considering factors like cost, manufacturability, usability, serviceability and sustainability. Every piece of work we develop is bespoke and tailored to the individual company we proudly represent. 


  • Expert mechanical engineers
  • Strong partner network
  • Flexible work organization based on your needs
  • Expertise and proficiency in multiple technologies and platforms
  • Efficient and result-oriented project management
  • We offer the full service from concept creation to a ready made product
  • Rest assured that we will respect the confidentiality of your vision and use the information solely for the purpose of our collaborative efforts, working together to bring your ideas to life 


Our dynamic team boasts a varied skill set encompassing proficiency in 3D modeling, FEM analysis (strength analysis), CAD design, technical problem-solving etc. Our collective expertise has played a pivotal role in the successful completion of numerous projects, consistently elevating product performance. From concept to execution, our team is dedicated to delivering great results in product development.

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Raido Rokk - founder of Raab OÜ


Founder, R&D Engineer

Raido's previous career spans various roles and responsibilities, showcasing his expertise in engineering, R&D, value chain optimization, and team leadership. During his time as an R&D Supervisor in the automotive industry, he not only managed the mechanical and automation department but also supported the development and implementation of new products into production. At Glamox AS in Norway, Raido oversaw the development of new products to production for factories in Norway, Sweden, and Estonia; modified and improved the existing products and led the Construction Department. As an added bonus, he can now also speak Norwegian. 

In addition to his extensive experience in engineering and product development, Raido has also experienced the production side working in a die-casting plant so he can look at the projects from different points of view and make the whole process smoother.
Andri Soo - Engineer at Raab OÜ


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Andri previously worked over 5 years in the automotive industry in the United Kingdom for companies of different sizes such as Cummins Turbo Technologies, Ricardo and Bertrandt.
He has also worked as a Concept & Geometry Integration Engineer and Electromechanical Engineer for Jaguar Land Rover.

Throughout these experiences, Andri has consistently displayed a commitment to excellence and innovation and his attention to detail and problem-solving abilities have enabled him to navigate complex engineering challenges successfully. He has extensive experience in concept design and has helped both his previous employers and current clients to make their product development process as efficient and resourceful as possible.

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You would like to create a new product or would like to make your existing product better but don't have the knowhow? A product development service is the perfect solution to your problem - get in touch now and let's make a good idea into an even better product!
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