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We are thrilled to show you the latest innovation from one of our clients – Framery. The future of workspace design is here with the new generation of Framery Smart Pods. These cutting-edge pods seamlessly blend privacy with connectivity, transforming the way we work.

A game-changing collaboration

This one was one of our longer projects. We joined Framery's internal development team on their journey to redefine the workplace experience. The result? Smart pods that exceed expectations and, at the same time, come at a more affordable price point compared to the previous models. But that's not all, the range was also built with a focus on a greener future.

Framery Six. Image source: Framery

Stylish and customizable

Although the series introduces a shift from plywood to weight-reducing sheet metal in the wall modules, it still retains the modern frame with curved edges. This design adaptation allows for the inclusion of additional sound-absorbing elements without compromising on aesthetics. Each pod can also be customized to suit individual preferences. You can customize various elements from technology to furniture and materials. 

Intelligent adaptation for optimal comfort

Framery smart pods are equipped with mmWave radar sensors that automatically adjust lighting and ventilation based on occupancy so users can enjoy a comfortable and productive workspace without the need for manual intervention. 

The adaptive ventilation automatically adjusts the airflow based on the temperature and humidity level inside the pod. What's more, the pre-set lighting modes cater to various work scenarios, from virtual calls to focused tasks.

Innovative technology at your fingertips

At the core of the new Framery Smart Pods lies a state-of-the-art touchscreen tablet and integrated workplace technology suite. This feature, unique to Framery, sets a new standard in functionality for pod manufacturers. It only takes a simple tap or swipe to book the pods, extend reservations or adjust lighting or ventilation.

Image source: Framery

You can also make reservations through the Framery app, or Microsoft or Google calendars. What’s more, it has occupancy lights that show whether a pod is free, booked, or if a meeting is going to start soon.

Elevating the concept of a quiet workspace

Acoustics play a crucial role in creating a favorable work environment and these smart pods excel in this aspect. These pods minimize external distractions and elevate the concept of a quiet workspace. 

This has been achieved using a patent-pending acoustic structure finely tuned to human speech frequency. An integrated sound masking system further enhances privacy by reducing speech intelligibility.

Sustainability at the core

As we mentioned before, sustainability was also a key factor when developing these pods. The collection features components made from certified wood as well as recycled steel, aluminum, glass and fabric. 

Image source: Framery

80% of the acoustic foam used in the pods is made using plastic derived from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, 90%-100% of the pod's materials are recyclable at the end of their extended lifecycle. All these steps help contribute to a greener future.

Seamless mobility for enhanced flexibility

These office pods also have integrated technologies that provide real-time usage data so you can see when they sit empty. This gives you an opportunity to relocate the pods based on the demand if you wish to do so.

Plus, optional movability kits make the relocation effortless, even when moving offices. No more disassembly headaches - just relocate the pods to your preferred spot.

In Conclusion

The journey of developing Framery Smart Pods has been a testament to innovation, collaboration and forward-thinking design. We are proud to have been part of this project all the way through from a concept to a final finished product and look forward to seeing how these smart pods transform the way we work. 

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